Dijital Bir Ajans!

We Offer Unique, Responsive, Functional and Impressive Services.

Digital Media Planning & Buying

While we make digital media planning and buying in the most suitable channels for your brand and implement the campaigns, we do our best to understand you better than you by give attention to our daily optimization and reporting of your brand.

AI-Based Communication Initiatives

Our mission is to be a pioneer in the constantly evolving digital world, continuously improving ourselves and standing out with creative content aligned with the latest trends. Through our AI-based communication efforts, we provide a wide range of services for strategically personalized content creation. We ensure our brands are more innovative and leading in the digital realm while maximizing interaction with target audiences.

Social Media Management

Our social media management is also very tasty. Try it! We do not just create the content calendar of our brands. We also determine the communication language and strategies. With Real Time Marketing, we keep your brand constantly on the market and up to date.

Influencer Marketing

Since social media, a branch of digital marketing, has become a part of our lives, we know very well that it is an indisputable fact that accounts with high followers affect people’s purchasing status and preferences. As Dijital Bir Ajans, we cooperate with people who have the power to influence the target audience on social media and ensure that you reach our potential customers in the most effective way.

Corporate Reputation Management

By ensuring the use of the right language and channels, the messages that are wanted to be actively given on social media platforms, we make the company views and values positively permanent based on the past and future expectations of people or customers. In this way, we protect your image, strategy and reputation.

Creative Design

From TV and magazine advertisements to poster designs,
From billboard to catalogue,
From infographic videos to promotional films,
From HTML Banner to Landing Page design,
We meet all the visual needs of your brand.